CBC Event Schedule

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Prayer Warrior Team

Work Weekend

April 20-21, 2018

Golf Scramble

June 8, 2018

Prayer Walk

June 10, 2018

Illuminate 1 (4-6 grade)

June 11-16

Ignite 1 (7-9 grade)

June 18-23

Initiate 1 (1-3 grade)

June 25-28

Illuminate 2 (4-6 grade)

July 9-14

Ignite 2 (7-9 grade)

July 16-21

Initiate 2 (1-3 grade)

July 23-26

Immersion (9-12 grade)

July 30-Aug 4

Labor Day Family Camp

Aug 31-Sept 3


Golf Scramble


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Golf Scramble Registration

 We will be emailing names out as they come in along with dates of the camp they will be attending. You may also let us know if you have a particular person/persons you will be praying for and we will assign them to you. Thank you for you commitment to this great ministry and the lives of these precious children.
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