If you want to be a part of Cooperstown Bible Camp, but only have a day, weekend, or a week to donate your time, we'd love to encourage you to volunteer! Volunteering is a year round event. If you're an individual, group, or church that would like to serve Jesus by serving the camp, click on the apply button below! 



You will become a team member with the staff at Cooperstown Bible Camp. As a YMC, you will meet regularly with the other YMC's for study of the Word, encouragement, and accountability. You will also meet with the YMC Coordinators for discipleship. Finally, you have the opportunity to work side-by-side with experienced staff members in fulfilling the mission of "Developing relationships between campers and Christ" here at CBC.


The Christian camp environment is an amazing place to invest your summer. You will be stretched spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. You have the opportunity to begin lifelong friendships and influence campers in a God-ward direction as you share and model the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ with campers and staff. Our temporary spiritual community provides an iron-sharpening-iron experience. Being a summer staff member is hard and can drain you at times, but you will find that a summer invested in ministry at Cooperstown Bible Camp is a priceless and life-changing experience you will never forget!


New to Cooperstown Bible Camp as of summer 2019, is our Internship Program. If you are a college age student and in need of fulfilling an internship in order to graduate, CBC would like to help. Your internship program will consist of touching every area of camp ministry, from office and programming, to counseling and adventure programming. Have fun and get paid all the while receiving college credit. Click apply below for more information. 


The nurse program at CBC is of upmost importance to our summer camps. We staff seven weeks of camp with a nurse every week. If you are passionate about the health of campers and love working in an outdoor atmosphere, this is for you. Click apply below for more information and to apply for the nurse position. 

Full Time

Are you looking to work in the exciting field of camp ministry? CBC hires full time, year round staff for specific positions. To inquire about what positions are currently open, click apply.