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Camp Nurse Qualifications:

  1. Valid & current RN license in ND

  2. CPR Training

  3. Display strong morals and values in decision making, communication and relationships

  4. A desire to be around youth and children

  5. A desire to serve others

  6. A desire to educate individuals about safety, health and wellness

  7. The ability to work independently and also collaborate with others in a team atmosphere

  8. A desire to have fun and work hard!

  9. Strong communication skills

Camp Nurse Role at Camp:

  • Health promotion and prevention for staff and campers

  • Educator: ongoing education for staff and campers

  • Review campers health histories & communicate important information to appropriate staff

  • Perform health assessment of campers at the beginning of each camp

  • Manage the health center

  • Administer medications to campers and staff

  • Assessment of ill and injured individuals

  • Provide first aid for illness and injury

  • Maintain contents of first aid kits

  • Communicate with camp staff, parents, campers etc. regarding medications/illness/injury/etc.

  • Document accurate and complete health records

  • Refer injured and/or ill individuals to EMS or outlying facility

  • Walk around and nurse safety checks

Valuable Knowledge & Skills for a Camp Nurse:

  • Familiarity with pediatric development

  • Familiarity with AED use & administration of epinephrine

  • Strong communication skills

  • Thorough and timely documentation

  • Appropriate delegation skills and follow up

  • Autonomy

  • Flexibility

The most successful camp nurse enjoys being at camp, enjoys the type of people they provide care for, and likes being part of a team!

Nurse Application Form

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