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Cooperstown Bible Camp

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Cooperstown, ND.  58425

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Adventure Program

CBC's Adventure program consists of the High ropes course, Low ropes course, Zip line, Rock wall, and Canoeing. This program is designed for team building and works great for corporate events, retreats, and reunions. For more information about our Adventure Program, please call our office at 710-797-2174 or fill out the form below. 

High Ropes/Rock Wall/zip line

low ropes course

The Low Ropes course consists of 13 elements, challenging groups to complete each one before moving to the next. The elements are meant to be done with groups, making it difficult for an individual to complete on their own.  

Elements Include: 

     -Hop Up                         

     -T.P. Shuffle

     -Nitro Crossing                


     -Kings Finger  

     -Zig Zag

     -Wall of Jericho

     -Spiders Web

     -Whale Watch

     -Trust Fall

     -The Maze


     -The Last Scroll

Adventure Program Contact
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