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Cooperstown Bible Camp

11776 3rd St SE

Cooperstown, ND.  58425

Ph: 701-797-2174


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Our mission, quite simply is "Making Jesus Known." Whether you are a camper or a guest attending an event at CBC, we trust that your experience will ensure that you "Encounter Jesus" ... either in the camp programming, or in the excellent service and hospitality you receive ... or both. 

Building for Eternity

These three stewardship strategies engage our faithful friends to ensure we achieve our mission ... while building bridges from here to eternity: 

Life Builders

The Life Builders category funds our operations directly through regular monthly giving or one-time gifts from individuals, churches, and businesses. Included here are camper sponsorship's and counselor / worker sponsorship's. 

Camp Builders

The Camp Builders category funds our "brick and mortar" ... tangible things so essential to ministry - buildings, facilities, and systems. 


This category embraces special projects each year in the $50,000 to $100,000 range, funded by significant gifts from individuals, churches, and businesses. The Camp Builders category also includes occasional capital campaigns as needed. 

Legacy Builders

The Legacy Builders category is typically large gifts, given to the CBC Endowment Fund to ensure a steady annual income to the camp in perpetuity. Gifts may be in cash, stocks, tangible property, even grain, stamp, or coin collections. Gifts may be given from trusts, estates, businesses, or individuals. 

Our annual budget is typically in the range of $350,000. Of this budget, typically $97,000 is from camper tuition, $215,000 is from donors, and $38,000 is from facility rentals. Our camp donors keep our doors open and our ministry strong. Which three paths is for you? 

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