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"The greatest reward in heaven will be seeing those who've been influenced by your work." -David Jeremiah

what is cbcsaa?

For many, going to camp is one of the most memorable moments in our lives. Attending summer camps, family camps, and retreats, along with volunteering on the many projects that we accomplished, are among the few memories that stick out. The truth is, probably the best memories made at camp are those of decisions made for Christ. And YOU were a part of it. 

Whether it was a one-on-one with a camper, late night discussions with fellow staff members, or leading a camper to Christ, these memories stick with you the rest of your life. How awesome is it now,, that we have new, up and coming staff members that want to do the same thing. The future of this great ministry is through the ones who have had a part in it...YOU!

The purpose of CBC Staff Alumni Association is to: 

          1. Provide volunteer support to Cooperstown Bible Camp.

          2. Provide financial support for our summer staff. 

          3. Assist with the preservation of CBC history and traditions while helping ensure its future success. 

We look forward to leaving a legacy with you through the ministry of Cooperstown Bible Camp! 



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