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Welcome To The C3

CBC Camp Store


We work hard to bring in new CBC swag to purchase each time you visit! C3 is fully stocked with cold beverages, candy, ice cream and snacks.


Since 2019, the CBC store has been creating handcrafted espresso drinks, hot chocolate, and Italian sodas for our camps and retreats. See our retreat specials below!

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Stay connected and get the inside scoop on new merch and retreat drink specials!

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C3 camp store is only opened during CBC scheduled events and times. 

C3 Menu

Every season has a different flavor... lattes that is! Whether its winter, spring, summer, or fall, C3 brings something unique to the menu for our guests to enjoy.


Served hot, iced, or blended

Espresso, milk, whipped cream, drizzle

Signature Drinks

Served hot, iced, or blended

Espresso, milk, whipped cream, drizzle





Cold Espresso

Iced Latte

Blended Latte

Non - Coffee

Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate


Iced Steamer

Blended Steamer

Italian Soda

Italian Cream Soda

Happy Camper

Chocolate - Toasted Marshmallow

Rock Wall

Chocolate - White Chocolate


Chocolate - Caramel - Coconut

River Manatee

Chocolate - Caramel - Butter Pecan

Giant's Ladder

Caramel - Vanilla

Da Moose

Vanilla - Cupcake

The Archer

Caramel - Toasted Marshmallow

Retreat Specials

Our Retreat Specials are separate from our menu to provide fun and unique drinks for our guests. Below are some of our guest favorites. (subject to change)


Minty Mocha

  • Chocolate, peppermint

White Berry Mocha

  • Raspberry, white chocolate

Strawberry Shortcake Italian Cream Soda

  • Strawberry, vanilla, cupcake


Mud Pit Blended Latte

  • Chocolate, caramel

Shark Attack Italian Soda

  • Blue raspberry, coconut, vanilla

Peach Ring Italian Soda

  • Peach, pineapple


Strawberry Lemonade Italian Soda

  • Strawberry, lemon

Car-Mallow Mocha

  • Caramel, toasted marshmallow, white chocolate

The Flamingo Italian Cream Soda

  • Peach, cherry, vanilla


Salted Caramel Pumpkin Latte

  • Pumpkin pie, salted caramel

 Pecan Pie Latte

  • Butter pecan, salted caramel

Berry Peach Italian Soda

  • Blackberry, peach

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