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- CBC teaches Leadership skills on all levels. Our staff learns to deal with different attitudes and personalities with leaders, staff, and campers.


- CBC trains their staff in all aspects of camping including but not limited to budgeting, marketing, teaching, office, and organizing. 


- CBC teaches all the (Soft Skills) which are vitally important in society today. How to relate to others mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


- CBC staff receive CPR and First Aid training. 


- CBC works hand in hand with the students teachers, counselors, and advisors on the needs and the skills of the student. 


- CBC staff receive excellent letters of recommendation to future employers.  

Working at camp is a real job!



LEADERSHIP is learned in a real-life context. You will likely be supervising between 7-15 others, engaging in decision making, behavior management, and living ethics - all necessary leadership skills for today. 


NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES with other staff and connections to camp alumni can provide a link to possible internships or future job opportunities in a variety of careers. 


DIVERSE & GLOBAL EXPERIENCE camp often provides a global experience without the expense of long-distance travel; it is not uncommon to campers and staff to be from a variety of places and cultural perspectives from around the UD and world. 


TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS You get to keep any additional training you may acquire, like CPR, first aid, and activity specialist, that may also help you land a job at home or school working in a wide range of settings. 


ROOM & BOARD will be provided. Housing, meals, laundry, utilities, and other living expenses are covered which means more $$$ in your pocket! 

21st century skills


Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and contribution that are critical for success in today's world are developed and practiced at camp; they are skills and traits that can draw employers' attention to your resume. 



Camp directors/leaders write great letters of recommendations because they take the time to get to know you as an individual and see you in action on a daily basis. 


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Ongoing professional development sets you up to learn about your job while building a strong team with the people you will be working with and offers support all throughout the summer. 



You may be eligible for college credit in some cases or able to use camp as an independent study, practicum, or internship experience. Ask your advisor or talk to a professor about how this can relate directly to your major.  



You will typically get paid a base salary with add-ons for experience, certifications, leadership roles, etc. 

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