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Cooperstown Bible Camp

11776 3rd St SE

Cooperstown, ND.  58425

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march 13-15, 2020

Cost: $115

Registration Opens

January 5th, 2020

arrival:Fri. 7pm
depart: Sun. 11am 

Grant’s resume humbly begins with the statement, “The credit for all of the following belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ!”Grant is an avid hunter and a well-known guide. Grant took his first big game animal, a 32" wide mule deer, on the family ranch when he was 9 years old. That buck began a trophy hunting career that has taken him to Africa, Russia, Mexico, Greenland, Spain, New Zealand, many states and several Canadian provinces.


    He has guided many well-known hunters including General Norman Schwartzkoff, Walter                     Peyton, and James Dobson.

    His guided hunts have been on many TV shows, including Eastman’s, Realtree, Trophy Hunters             TV, RMEF’s Team Elk, and The Crush.

    On these "hunting retreats" he shared devotions, Bible studies and Sunday messages.



   Grant is one of the few hunters to take the "Big 8" species of Colorado Big Game with a bow              (most with a longbow).

   He has a number of trophies in the Boone & Crockett, Pope and Young, and Safari Club record            books.

   He has taken over 50 species of big game, and 23 of the 29 species in North America.

   Grant was the 2003 Colorado Bowhunter of the Year and was inducted into the Bowhunter Hall            of Fame in 2004.

   Grant also has been blessed to be one of less than 1,900 people Worldwide to take a Grand                Slam of North American Wild Sheep and the only person to take what has become known as          “God’s Grand Slam”!

Grant’s resume humbly ends with, “The credit for all of this belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ!”

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Men's Retreat is a way for men to come together for a weekend getaway shooting guns, eating meat, and fellowshiping with each other. 

11th Annual Shootout of Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun

(Remember to bring your own guns)

2-on-2 Basketball Tournament

Silent Auction will be held this year. Please bring an item to auction! 

Minimum age: 13 years old 

**CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of a medical emergency where you won't be able to attend, registration fees will be refunded; except for a $30 non-refundable registration fee. For non-emergency reasons, refunds will be given up to 7 days prior to the event; except for a $30 non-refundable registration fee. Please call our office for more information: 701-797-2174

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