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Big things are happening at Cooperstown Bible Camp!

Updated: May 8, 2019

For everyone who is reading this for the first time, welcome to our new website and our new blog! We are very excited for you to have stopped by. A little information for you at the moment:

We are working hard to improve many things around camp, this includes the website. We will be continuously adding new pictures, videos, and information, so please, be patient while we work out the kinks! Be sure to explore the site and see how user friendly it is now.

This camp blog is set up for the purpose of informing people who are interested in what's going on at camp. For now, we will be posting a new blog once of twice every month. You'll be able to hear from the Executive Director, Program Director, Office Manager, Public Relations, and Tech. We want to keep everyone updated on the exciting things taking place at Cooperstown Bible Camp.

Saying that, let me welcome you to our new and improved website! I'd like to thank Tyler Bryant for helping me (Adam) with the site build. He has been absolutely amazing at putting things together and I can't thank him enough for his time. If you see him around, be sure to let him know of your appreciation for the site build. Enjoy your time here and if you have a problem with links or web pages, please let us know.

Do you have an idea for a blog that you would like us to write about? Contact the program director at with suggestions for new blog posts!

Camp is right around the corner!

It may be hard to believe, but we are only three weeks away from staff training and only five weeks away from our first camp! Alicia and myself couldn't believe how time has flown by since we arrived in January. We now look forward to a summer full of fun and adventure, wrapped around the preaching and teaching of God's Word. We've been praying that God would move in BIG ways this year. From filling the beds every week, to seeing major life changing decisions being made. I am also looking forward to having a great group of staff members here this year. I am still praying that God would provide a full time cook and maintenance manager. If you or someone you know would like to apply for either one of those positions, please have them fill out the inquiry form on the "Employment" page.

Working hard during Work Weekend!

Work weekend was an absolute blast. We had around 23 people show up and serve Jesus and the camp, by getting involved with brush cleanup, painting, deck remodels, maintenance, and other projects. Timmy had a large list of things that he wanted to see completed and we were able to cross off a large portion of them. Everyone had a part in getting camp ready for summer. I'd like to thank those who gave up a portion of their weekend and served camp. Without you, we'd be way behind in our projects. Saying that, if you are wanting to come out and serve Jesus and the camp, and want to schedule a work day, weekend, or week, we would love to have you here. Contact Tim or Adam and we will put you on the schedule with a list of projects.

Be Praying for Camp

I'd like to encourage you to be praying for a few things as we are approaching the summer camping season:

1. Staff - Pray for their safe travel here and during the summer. Pray that God would provide them with strength and wisdom while working with campers. Pray that we would see God fill in areas of need such as kitchen staff and maintenance. Pray for them as they minster to the campers this year.

2. Campers - Pray for those on the fence about coming that God would move them to go to CBC this year. Pray for campers hearts that they would be receptive to the teaching and preaching during the week. Pray for safety while being a part of fun activities. Pray that God would fill this camp this year!

3. Full Time Staff - Pray for the guidance and wisdom for Tim, Adam, Patricia, Alicia, and Tyler. Pray for safety during the camp season.

4. God to show up BIG! - We are all praying for God to do something awesome this year! We serve a big God and know He can do big things. Be excited for this camping season!

Adam Glombowski

Program Director

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