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Frequently asked questions

How long are my kids at camp?

Campers arrive on Monday between 10 am – 12 pm, and pick up time on Saturday is at 9:30 am (Thursday morning for Early Bird camp.) We welcome you to join us for our closing chapel at 9:30 am. 

What is parent-camper communication like?

Send all letter and packages to: 

(Campers Name)

11776 3rd St. SE, Cooperstown, ND, 58425

Please send by Wednesday of their camp. 

Or send camp email through Ultracamp

Can I visit my camper during the week?

We advise parents/family members not to visit during the week, since it would take them away from their activities. We do encourage all to come on the pick-up day for end of camp chapel. 

How much money should campers bring?

This will depend on how much your camper would like to spend. Our store is stocked with great gifts, candy, ice cream, and pop. Price ranges vary between $0.10 and $40.00. 

What is your cell phone policy?

We encourage parents to not send cell phones with their campers. On registration day, all cell devices will be turned in and safely locked away in our office until pick-up day. 

What does a typical day at camp look like?

Each of our programs start the day with God and I time, breakfast, and Morning Fun. Then morning activities, lunch, and afternoon activities. Dinner is served and chapel is right after. Nighttime activities vary each day, but there’s never a dull moment and you’ll have a blast each day!

What is chapel like?

Chapel is the highlight of the day at camp! We have a group game, worship, and a message brought by our special speaker. After chapel, the cabins have a time of "Chapel Chat" where the campers can discuss the message with their cabin leader. 

What free time activities are available?

There are so many things to do during free time… play Octaball, 9 in the sky, or carpet ball, hang out in the game room in the Rock, basketball, volleyball, play disc golf, go to the camp store, and so much more!

What is the food like at CBC?

Our food is amazing! Here are a few things to look forward to: spaghetti, nachos, pulled pork, and hamburgers. Everything is home made. Nobody goes hungry at CBC! 

What sort of medical help is available?

We have a full-time camp nurse on staff all summer. They live at camp and are always available to care for campers’ needs.

How are food allergies handled?

At CBC, we take food allergies very seriously. Our chef and kitchen staff try to accommodate and coordinate alternative meal options as much as is possible. If you have a dietary need, please fill out the dietary section online when registering for camp. 

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