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Full Time Staff

Below are the current openings at CBC for Full Time Staff. To inquire, please fill out the form below the position. 

Food Service Manager


Experienced and ministry-minded individual who will plan, organize, lead, and manage the Cooperstown Bible Camp food service program. This is a full-time position and the individual hired may have the opportunity to participate in food planning and preparation for week-end CBC retreats, guest groups, and family camps scheduled throughout the year. 

Job Purpose: 

The Food Service Manager will manage the daily operations of the food services of the camp, menu planning, food ordering, preparing, serving, and keeping a clean kitchen and dining room environment. 


1. Life that exemplifies a saved relationship with Jesus Christ.

   - Models Christian Character.

   - Understands and thrives in the demanding Christian camping environment.

2. Servant-minded leader who intentionally seeks out, identifies, and creates opportunities to enhance the CBC experience for each guest, camper, or volunteer.

   - Ability to communicate in a clear, concise, thorough, and timely fashion with all staff and volunteers.

   - Ability to take a leadership role that motivates and inspires self and others to accomplishing goals through food service within a clean facility. 

   - Strong positive attitude and role flexibility.

3. Ability to prepare and serve a diverse range of foods proficiently for groups ranging between 20 - 250 people.

   - Working knowledge of the rules and regulations related to health and safety in food preparation. 

   - Ability to regularly lift up to 30 pounds and spend long hours standing.


1. Food Service Operations.

It is the responsibility of the Food Service Manager to guide the operations of the Cooperstown Bible Camp food service operation of the camp. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

   - Working as a team with the kitchen assistant to plan and prepare adequately nutritious meals and snacks for all camps. 

   - Training and mentoring of summer kitchen staff and volunteers.

   - Supervise campers, counselors, kitchen staff in serving and cleaning up after meals. 

   - Maintain inventory of food, equipment, and supplies. 

   - Order food and kitchen supplies consistent with menus and enrollment counts. 

   - Keep orderly records of expenditures for food, supplies, and equipment. 

   - Prepare menus and orders a week in advance before guests or campers arrival.

   - Inspect equipment and ensure equipment is repaired as necessary. 

   - Promote practices that seek to reduce waste. 

2. Food Preparation

it is the responsibility of the Food Service manager to develop and maintain high standards for food preparation and service with emphasis on menu appeal and nutritional value. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

   - Ensure safe and efficient preparation and serving of camp meals. 

   - Develop meals that are unique and memorable to CBC. 

   - Plan any necessary menu adaptations for all allergy and special diet campers and staff.

   - Proper storage, labeling/dating, and usage of food.

   - Make necessary adjustments based upon evaluations or recommendations.

3. Cleaning

It is the responsibility of the Food Service Manager to ensure that established sanitation and safety standards are followed accurately. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

   - Maintain high standers of cleanliness, sanitation, and safety.

   - Be responsible for the cleanliness and proper storage of all equipment and the correct handling, serving, and storage of all foods.

   - Being a detail-oriented person in regard to cleanliness of the dining facility.

   - Clean and maintain all food-service areas including kitchen, dining tables, serving tables, all equipment, dry storage, walk in/reach in refrigerators, and freezers.

Other Responsibilities

   - Meet regularly with staff to exchange clear and effective communication.

   - Coordinate sufficient meal packages for guest groups, CBC retreats, and summer camps as needed.

   - Provide evaluations of the summer food service operations and recommendations for improvement.

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